Insurance Claims Help

The Process: Insurance Claim

Let’s get to ball rolling 1st a roof inspection

The benefits to using us; Back in 1985 I was in your shoes. Just seeing a stack of papers with terms and figures that I didn’t understand.  Believe me I thought I knew it all, and then I had an insurance claim to handle..!

My goal is to walk you thru the process to eliminate the stress & pit falls.

  • Make a claim with your insurance Claims Services Department. Get your claim number, adjusters name & phone number.
  • Adjuster will assess damage for whether it’s a simple repairs or replacement is warranted.
  • Schedule an inspection of the property damage from Ernie’s.
  • Ernie’s Roofing restoration specialists will compare your claim form to do a complete evaluation of the claim.
  • You pick the brand & colors we’ll put them on.

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